An Eclectic Playlist

The radio is playing in the bar where I find myself right now; it’s tuned to a station I’m not familiar with. It was turned way down, but the bartender bumped the volume up when ther was a Czech cover of the punk Classic “California Uber Alles” on. I appreciated that. The next song: “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel. Wow.

Something fuego Said

I got a text messge from fuego yesterday with all sorts of questions in it. One was, tribute to Get Crazy? For those who don’t know, Get Crazy is one of the finest movies ever made, and includes a lot of good live music scenes. There really should be a a little something in our show that the ten people in the world who know Get Crazy will recognize instantly.

Any suggestions?

Talent and Location Scouting, and a Long Friday Night

Another local blues singer/guitarist was playing in town Friday night, and fuego and I were on the job once more! Jonathan Gaudet is a French Canadian who loves the Mississippi Blues. He and his harmonica player Jaromír Hůla had a gig at a place called Zlat

Fortune Cigarettes

There’s a Santa Fe tradition called Zozobra, in which old man gloom is incinerated, along with all his negative baggage. There are many other similar traditions aound the world. But here’s a way to bring that idea into your everyday life. Wouldn’t it be cool if when you smoked a cigarette you were burning negaive thoughts at the same time? I don’t smoke, but it would almost be worth it to ritually burn the things that bother me.

Enter cigarettes with extra printing on them, negative things that you conquer by burning them. You can buy the regular pack with random messages or you can custom-order with your own personal nemeses. Sure the custom ones would cost a lot more, but that alone might provide incentive to cut back, while making the occasional smoke a poetic act. There must be a brand of cigarette that markets to the black-beret crowd that would make a killing off this.

Plus, it would be a kick to write the ill-fortunes.

Things I Need to do Before I Leave Prague

With my departure date approaching quickly, I’ve started to think about all the stuff I need to do before I go, the things I can’t do elsewhere or things that are especially Prague-oriented. The list in my head is getting longer so I thought I’d best write it down. Then I thought that even better, I could share it with you all and you can watch as items are checked off, and even make suggestions about things that should be on the list. Here goes!

  • take a 1.5 liter bottle and get it filled up at a wine store
  • take a 3-liter bottle down to a vinyard in Moravia and get it filled up
  • DONE! – go up in the telecom tower
  • go to black light theater
  • DONE! – go to a hokej game
  • DONE! – get Bili Tigri hockey jersey (and maybe vomiting slug jersey)
  • Have a beer at the BBC health club bar
  • DONE! – Drink Kofola
  • Go to a Svejk bar

Good thing I started writing this stuff down, because already I can’t remember most of them. I will add to this list as I think of things.

Burning Words

Burning Words

There are words in my head
“fifty-six” I said just now
out loud, for no apparent reason
They are sounds, nothing more
They bang about up there
ugly tourists

If I smoked
I’d write each word on a cigarette
and burn it
hear it crackle as I inhaled
watch the paper glow and draw back
the numbers most of all must go

An Easy Day

Slept late this morning, if you can believe that. Something about going to sleep after five in the morning makes me do that. Luckily, there was no location scouting today. The focus was on getting the key production people together. Toward that end, we met with a couple of key people.

First came Martin, bartender at LCNH and friends with lots of film students. His brother is also an editor, though Soup Boy had first dibs on the editing job. One key team member: a student, Czech, who is unafraid to ask bar and café owners for favors. Bonus if she’s a pretty girl. In our meeting Martin proved to be a more able producer than I am, and that may mean more than anything else. He has a candidate lined up, his brother is ready if we need him (the next meeting proved we did), and he can line up more production assistants than we need. I have some homework now; I need a syposis that can be translated into Czech, and… um… something else. I’m sure I’ll think of it.

We were a little early for dinner with fuego’s family and Tomaš (rhymes with “go mosh”), a cameraman of growing repute (proven by the fact that he’s working right now). We stopped off at Casino Royale, the place formerly known as the place formerly known as cheap beer place. fuego got a call from Soup Boy, the missing element in all our plans, and minutes later he was there with us. The place has changed a lot since he drew the storyboards for Pirates there in exchange for food and alcohol. The reunion was brief, pleasant, and we got a swift “camera, yes, edit no” from him. Alas, he could not join us for dinner.

The dinner meeting was good too. I ate a steak! Man, it’s been a long time. fuego paid for the steak! Right there you have the cornerstone of a good night. MaK and Z-Dawg were there and after I was finisehd eating I was given the kid so the parents could enjoy their meals, too. I have to say that I’m gragually getting a little more comfortable with the little guy. Helps that Z-Dawg likes to jump. I can understand that one, and since I don’t have to last for hours my rocket assist is much more powerful. He doesn’t just jump, he flies!

Tomaš and I once spent a night drinking, starting with his father’s homemade Slivovice, and I think he’s really looking forward to doing it again. On the film side, as noted above he’s working, but he has a few connections that might help us. Apparently there are some Panavision lenses areound here somewhere pining for light. I’m a little fuzzy on the details.

Then home for (relatively) early bedtime. Big day tomorrow!