Things I Need to do Before I Leave Prague

With my departure date approaching quickly, I’ve started to think about all the stuff I need to do before I go, the things I can’t do elsewhere or things that are especially Prague-oriented. The list in my head is getting longer so I thought I’d best write it down. Then I thought that even better, I could share it with you all and you can watch as items are checked off, and even make suggestions about things that should be on the list. Here goes!

  • take a 1.5 liter bottle and get it filled up at a wine store
  • take a 3-liter bottle down to a vinyard in Moravia and get it filled up
  • DONE! – go up in the telecom tower
  • go to black light theater
  • DONE! – go to a hokej game
  • DONE! – get Bili Tigri hockey jersey (and maybe vomiting slug jersey)
  • Have a beer at the BBC health club bar
  • DONE! – Drink Kofola
  • Go to a Svejk bar

Good thing I started writing this stuff down, because already I can’t remember most of them. I will add to this list as I think of things.

14 thoughts on “Things I Need to do Before I Leave Prague

  1. Probably march 31st, to simplify rent, but I’m giving myself some wiggle room to make sure Moonlight Sonata is finished. I want to leave here with that in my hand.

  2. I think you and TG should be in the same place. But with this economy, maybe she’d be willing to go the other way. Be prepared to come back to nothing.

  3. Slightly off topic, but since you have those guest poems at the top, I have learned that some people are now calling part of New Mexico the “haiku” region.

    As the number of telephones (and telephone data lines and other such stuff) grows, New Mexico has come to need a second area code. The original plan, which would have been utterly idiotic, was to allow the rural areas to keep the old 505 area code and force the Albuquerque-Santa Fe corridor to get the new area code. That proposal was finally quashed when people with common sense pointed out that it would be harmful to businesses to change the area code, and there were far more of them in the central part of the state than in the sticks.

    The next proposal was to allow everybody who already had a 505 number to keep that number, and anybody getting a new number would get the new area code. That’s the way it’s done in Colorado. But that would mean that people would have to dial an area code even to phone somebody next door.

    The proposal that finally was agreed upon at least made a little sense. Albuquerque and Santa Fe kept 505, as did the northwestern corner of the state. It would have made even more sense for Socorro and possibly Las Cruces to keep 505, but some political favors were owed, so Farmington keeps 505 while those other cities don’t.

    So why is the new area code called “haiku”? It’s 575.

    area code changes

    gotta know when you phone home

    are we in nowhere?

  4. Wow. I see time’s flying so fast for you that you had to get a new month for updating the list: Febfuary. I’m guessing that this month is the days between the end of February and the beginning of March? Or is it just tucked in the middle of the month of February? Man, I wish I had enough pull to just cram in an extra month when I need more time.

  5. We have not cleared it with the Ministrevho Kalendař, but it would give us a bit more time for Preproduction…I am wondering if they might appreciate a more Czech sounding name like Noržen.

  6. Hi Jerry.

    Dunno what to do now. I kept on emailing you thru, but can’t reach you anywhere. Please check email about Jer’s Novel Writer. Already paid for a license. Please. Please. It’s been three days since I got the license. :(

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