Why I’m Here

“I miss you,” I tell That Girl. “I can’t wait to be with you.”

The thing is, I have been waiting. There’s really nothing stopping me from getting on a plane tomorrow, landing in San Jose and wrapping up with That Girl in a gooey ball of love. But here I am. That Girl did not ask what the holdup is, though she wondered. For a while I wasn’t sure myself, but I knew there was something I still had to do here. Over the last few weeks, I figured it out. Today, I met with fuego and we started to hash out how we would make something. It’s important to me that I leave here with something that is concrete, born from my head, and done in collaboration with my brother.

The plan right now is to make a film version of “Moonlight Sonata”. Tomorrow we start scouting locations. Soup Boy is in Australia, but I hope he will be in on the enterprise. I’m calling in everyone. zlato will be with us tomorrow.

This is going to be cool. I plan to chronicle the making in great detail here on these pages. Stay tuned; it should be a good ride.

3 thoughts on “Why I’m Here

  1. Just re-read the story … It’s going to be challenging to make it into a film, with all of the stuff going on inside the narrator’s head, but I have no doubt you and fuego can pull it off.

    Who would have guessed, decades ago, that all that bickering would turn into hugely productive collaboration?

  2. Hey Jer! I get the hint that your coming back to the states? This means that you now have a new vacation spot with whom ever you pick. I actually have a big house -with big soft couches, but wait multiple bedrooms and big beautiful beaches! Just make sure to bring suntan lotion, you’ll burn more here than you did fishing with Bobby!

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