Cyberspace Open Winner List is In!

And… once more I’m on the outside looking in.

I do recognize at least one name on the list of winners, however: Congratulations, fuego! 96 points! Not too shabby at all. Later I’ll be scanning the list more carefully for other names I might recognize from the comments here.

When I get my individual feedback I’ll share it here, of course, and I’ll still write to the round two prompt on Road Trip Day.

Congratulations to all the finalists!


5 thoughts on “Cyberspace Open Winner List is In!

  1. I was pretty surprised to see my name…but, then again, I had a babe dressed in trash bags cutting off a guys fingers…I did try to post it here back in the day, but got befuddled, and then apathetic. So, I can try again if you can tell me how to do it with the proper formatting…

    • The way I have the CSS set up right now, the formatting won’t work in the comments. I can fiddle with that or you can send me your entry and I’ll post it as an episode. Your call.

      I would definitely like to read it!

      • Probably better to put it in the comments…but I just had a thought, let me try to use my old resources to post it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • I got my feed-back:

      “A Cleaner’s Kill” is an excellent and original take on the scene prompt. It is like “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” meets “The Sopranos”. The dialogue could be a little more biting. The contrast of their personal issues and horrifying actions works so well. The scene may benefit from less mob talk and more personal issues. We don’t need to be told Sandra is going to work on the fingers and Delvin is doing the teeth, we need to see it. A starker contrast between dialogue and action might help this great scene become even better.

      Interesting feedback…but the “don’t need to be told” bit irks me…that’s the directors job, not the writers! Anyway, no room to complain since I made the cut.

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