And the winner is…

Were it not for a recent comment, I would have forgotten that today is the deadline for the organizers of the Cyberspace Open to announce the entrants who proved with grace and skill that they deserve to move on to the second round.

So when an email from them arrived today, I was excited. There are certainly things to improve about my entry, but overall I think it’s pretty solid (I felt that way before, too, so grains of salt are called for). I looked forward to getting some feedback, even if it was just a rushed paragraph. I opened the email and found… advertising. They wanted me to subscribe to their magazine. Note to Creative Screenwriting: That’s not how you win friends.

Once more the contestants, who hit their deadline or were disqualified, wait for the organizers, who have had a hell of a time returning the favor. You know what would be a total win-win? Creative Screenwriting should outsource the contest to people who could give it the attention it deserves.

Whether or not the judges say I have earned round two, I’ll be writing to the prompt. Theoretically, round two is the first weekend in April. I hope it is; I have a good feeling about writing a scene on Road Trip Day.


4 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Hey there, fellow writer…I found this site after trying a little bit of Googling to find out if the feedback is hosted anywhere yet. I did advance, but I’d love to know why they loved my piece so much before I go guns a-blazin’ into the next round.

    I’ve had a fairly extensive email conversation with Jim Cirile, who runs the judging half of things, and he said scoring and feedback was done a few days ago but on the other end, things are for some reason being posted with some serious lag time. As frustrated as I am with the wait, I’m sure it’s much worse for those whose names weren’t on the list, as the feedback is now the most useful part of the competition for them, and was a major selling point for many contestants, I’m sure.

    Cheers, and best of fortunes with your writing.

    • Congratulations on your success, and good luck in the next round! I hope you come in second, right behind my brother.

      Perhaps I should offer my services to the Cyberspace Open guys if the difficulties they are having are technological.

  2. I noticed the name “Seeger” there after looking at this blog and figured it was a coincidence. Apparently not. Is there a sibling rivalry there?

    I have three siblings, none of which exhibit a single hint of writing aptitude. One is hilarious in person and reasonably creative so you might peg him as one, but he just doesn’t have the attention span. He certainly drinks hard enough to be a writer, though.

    I’m worried about the next prompt. Cirile’s blog said it was “much tougher than the first.” Cripes, is that possible?

    • Well, technically he’s supposed to be the director and I’m supposed to be the writer, but with this latest coup I’d better start honing my other skills.

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