Anybody need a Web Host?

I’ve ponied up for a web service that is WAY more that I need. The type of account is intended for resellers – most people who buy this much server turn around and sell web hosting accounts to small clients.

There are two configurations for the account: bare server and bells & whistles. The bells & whistles option costs a little bit more, but would save me hassles. (No need to manually configure httpd.conf, for instance.) The bells & whistles option also makes it really simple for me to set up you guys out there as “customers”.

So, here’s what I’m thinking: If I can get three people interested in paying me $5 a month for Web hosting, I can pay for the bell & whistles and save myself some hassle moving this site over to its new home.

For $5 a month you get:

  1. Way, way, less crowded server than you would get anywhere else even for four times that much money.
  2. Confidence that I will never let the server get bogged down, since the whole reason I’m paying for the thing is so my site won’t get bogged down
  3. Personal service. You know the guy in charge. I’m more than happy to help my friends through getting set up and all that stuff. It’s a level of service I’m only able to do because I’m limiting the number of people I let onto the server.
  4. My Web provider (and soon yours!) is about as as green as they come. Say no to carbon!
  5. The satisfaction of knowing that your money is helping a small collective of folks sharing a server rather than feeding a big corporation.
  6. I am also now an official enom reseller, which means I can take care of your domain registration for a rate only a little higher than GoDaddy. For the extra money you get… um… There must be something…

Anybody interested? Let me know now, before I go ahead and move this site over the hard way!

15 thoughts on “Anybody need a Web Host?

    • The main thing is a control panel called cpanel, which lets me set up an area for you that you control. YOu can create databases and whatnot with that (or you can ask me to do it for you). There is a further whistle called fantastico which gives you one-click installation of several blog and content management packages, including some gallery software.

    • Not sure how long the $170 was for, so I don’t know how prices compare. (In my defense, I had mentioned it to you as a hypothetical a while back.) You might see if there’s any way to get a partial refund if you really want to switch.

  1. pL and Andrew: I would like to avoid paying the extra $16/mo for the account automation and billing, at least until we see if we can support three more people without any performance consequences. So, would you be willing to pay annually by paypal? We can just keep a spreadsheet with payment info – maybe on Google docs so we both look at the same thing.

    I can also manage your domain registrations, but without the $16/mo part I will have to do the actual registration. I’ll charge $11/year for that, plus $8 for privacy guard if you want that. That’s more than GoDaddy charges, with the only value being that all your stuff is in one place. But if it’s worth a couple bucks a year for that convenience, then the cost to you for the hosting would be $71/yr instead of $60/yr.

    I am ready to get you guys set up whenever you are.

    • Turns out I spoke too soon. The automatic billing stuff comes with the service. I’ll still only be taking payment through paypal, but once I get things straightened out it will be automatic and slick.

    • I’m game for sometime in April. We are learning our new Electronic Medical Records software this week at work, so I will not be wanting to stare at a computer after hours.

    • OK, I’m in . Sign me up for! I’ll send the paypal, no worries. But, how do I know I can trust you? ANd what is privacy guard? Better be ninjas for that price! And just who is this “daddy” character? Does he go better than the dogs?

      • Privacy guard: not so much ninjas. The database of who owns what domain name is public, so robots can steal your personal info. Privacy guard prevents this; to get the ownership info you have to go through some extra non-robot-friendly steps.

        GoDaddy is a huge domain registrar and Web host that has perfected converting sex into money.

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