Quick! Vote for Harlean and Me!

Pinup Lifestyle is a Web community devoted to, well, the pinup lifestyle. Every month they have a contest in which pros and amateurs alike compete for fabulous prizes. Harlean Carpenter (who is a fiction) and I make a habit of entering, and while we haven’t won we certainly separate ourselves from the amateur crowd. As I master the new lights, perhaps we’ll even threaten the pro bunch. We’ll see.

Director's Cut

Director's Cut - Harlean Carpenter photographed by Jerry Seeger

One thing that distinguishes the pictures Harlean (who is a fiction) and I make is that they are not simple glam shots. (Fixed typo: clam). We always try to tell a story with the setting and the makeup and the pose and all of that. I’ve discovered recently that it’s quite possible to have a technically excellent photo that does not say a thousand words. We try not to fall into that trap. Perhaps it’s not for me to judge whether we succeed, but I think out photos stand out that way.

So head on over and vote for us! (The Wildfire site is currently not Safari-friendly, unfortunately.) There are a ton of entries this time, so hang out and find worthy recipients for you other four votes as well. There’s some pretty good work over there. Almost as good as ours!


5 thoughts on “Quick! Vote for Harlean and Me!

  1. Voting closes at midnight TONIGHT! (3/30)

    Thanks so much for the votes and support, we’d really like to win this one :) But even if we don’t, we can walk away knowing that we made an awesome photo and the only reason it didn’t win was because somebody broke the internet…

  2. WEll that’s just weird. Are you working on the server again? Today is April 14th and this is the last post currently appearing on your blog. I know there are more posts after this…I’ve read them. But they are not here now.

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