Move Complete!

It seems fitting that on Road Trip Day (7.000 on the Muddled Calendar — good golly how time flies) that this site should also find itself at a new home. The journey was not without some bumps and a lot of emails to the tech support team at GreenGeeks. Things seem to be running smoothly today, though, with a one hitch on the back side that should not affect you, the faithful readers.

One thing for sure: the site loads a hell of a lot faster now, and there are still things I can do to make it better yet. Average load time is about 10% of what it was before. That is unbelievably huge.

I’ll be posting a pretty darn geeky episode once I get the last issues ironed out, for people looking for answers to the same questions I had. In the meantime:

Elevator Ocelot Rutabaga, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Move Complete!

  1. You might be tempted to ask why the picture of ollie comes out sideways when you look at the larger version. Honestly, I haven’t the slightest idea.

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