The books in my suitcase

Strunk and White: The Elements of Style
Edward Gorey: The Gashleycrumb Tinies
Franz Kafka: the Metamorphosis, The Penal Colony, and other stories
Stephen King: On Writing
Harvard Lampoon: Bored of the Rings

Left in San Jose:
Sam Kashner: When I was Cool: My Life at the Jack Kerouac School
Jack Kerouac: On the Road

Didn’t mean to leave the Kerouac. Gonna have to get another copy of that one.

7 thoughts on “The books in my suitcase

  1. Let me add to the books you ought to have: The Associated Press Style Guide and Libel Manual. Not that you’re likely to end up in any legal difficulties about your writing. But the Associated Press does give extremely efficient rules about the use of language, and efficient writing is effective writing. Consider Hemingway.

  2. I would suggest James Morrow’s Towing Jehovah. Religion will never be the same after you read it.


  3. If you are going to be in the Bellingham area around June 12th, you can see a film called “Beat Angel.” It’s sort of about Kerouwhack, and it stars a guy named Vince who’s been doing a one man Jazz/Poetry/Life of Kerouac stage performance for a number of years. It also has some stunning footage of Desolation Peak. I think the web site is

  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I do have another style guide that is much more comprehensive and up-to-date, but I elected to bring the smaller one with me.

    I really hope to be back south before June 12th, but if for some reason I’m still up there I’ll check it out.

    Towing Jehovah sounds interesting. I’ll keep my eye out for it when I’m done with the Kafka.

  5. Oh, yes, and for those into conspiracy (such as that of the Suicide Squirrel Death Cult), I can recommend two books. One is recent: The DaVinci Code, by Dan Brown. Another from a few years back, and even bigger on the paranoia, is Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum.

    Hmmm…. I wonder if the squirrels have their own Freemasons? And how many squirrels are on the payroll at Microsoft?

  6. I recently read Angels and Demons, which I understand is a prequel to The DaVinci Code. Pretty good storytelling, lousy physics, and one niggling point crucial to the story that I just could not accept.

    I know all about those. I’ve got one in just about everything I’ve written.

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