They were the Googliest of times, they were the Moogliest of times.

If only anyone else cared about this as much as I.

I’ll start with an aside. Last week was the heyday of the blog, the pinnacle of blogular traffic. The reason is simple: I started getting listed at, and all the regulars had to check me out. Now they’ve bitten on a coupe of lurid headlines and they know better. They have passed back into their little worlds where there is no time for discussions about which comic book heroes are best-suited for playing tag with eagles. Their loss, I say. If they don’t have the backbone to stand up on the issues that mean the most today, I have no time for their sorry asses.

Which leads me to another aside… uh, that’s going to have to be another entry. At this rate we’ll never get to to the search hits.

  • Google: aerodynamic ideas
  • Yahoo: half baked
  • Google: squirrel death – it’s pretty clear that lazy bastards too who just can’t get around to bookmarking are using this to come to the site. You’re my kind of people. Don’t ever change. Also worth mention were searches for squirrel suicide and squirrel death cult. I hope you’re not offended to be lumped together. It’s nice to know that someday when I’m promoting a book I’ll be introduced as the ‘squirrel death blog guy’.
  • Google: “great googly moogly” phrase
  • Yahoo: how do x-ray gogs work – whoever this was, I love you, man. My favorite physics professor of all times would say as he stood at the chalkboard (he was picky about his chalkboards), “Can you see the bosons moving? Put on your x-ray gogs.”
  • Google: la dolce vida
  • Google: listen to great googly moogly phrase – this from an entirely different domain than the other googly moogly search
  • Google: spyware End User License Agreement – as of this writing I rank four on Google for this topic. This is one hit where I hope the reader really read what I wrote. It’s funny (in the sense of odd), but I really believe in what I wrote that day. The whole right vs. wrong thing, and how a few words aren’t what’s really important.

I think the moral of the story is, if you write enough stuff, it’s going to match what someone is looking for. If you give it a catchy title, they’ll bite like large-mouth bass when the flies have all gone home for the holidays.

6 thoughts on “They were the Googliest of times, they were the Moogliest of times.

  1. Oh, man, please don’t get me going about the favorite physics professor of all times. (OK, in my case, it was my second-favorite, but it still cuts close.)

    It was Dr. Rorschach (he pronounced his name ror-shaw) at Rice. He was just so totally awesome. He knew everything, including where I came from. When I went home for Christmas break, I talked about how great he was, and Dad and Mom liked him too. He’d been around for ages. Turns out Dad had written some important papers with him when Dad was an undergraduate who wouldn’t ordinarily have been noticed. It was Dr. Rorschach who made sure Dad’s name was on the papers when the research got published.

    When Dr. Rorschach died, it was like the end of an era.

  2. Hey, you should have one of them “poles,” get some data from the googlers. Could be like “Where should I go next,” or “What king of vinegar is best for Rudabegas?” I think a pole would be fun, and give you more stuff there on the right side of the blog to help balance the site.

  3. I’ll think about that. I expect that those who come from google read about 3 sentences and go back, especially if one of the sentences is “Your browser sucks.”

    Polls would be fun for the regulars, though.

  4. You also get google hits on “whacked out and nut assed! Who’d a thunk it?

    / when are we going after those CzecHutChix?

    CzecHutChix is a registered trademark of OldManVotaw, Inc.

  5. Hey, OMV!

    I guess I’d better get my sorry american ass on the road. At this rate I’ll miss summer over there completely.

    You planning to come help recruit the CzecHutChix?

  6. Ain’t missed any summer yet, it’s been more than cold enough to keep the Czech Cziks all warm and cozy in the Hut! (Remind me to teach you what the word “cozy” means in Czech.) We’re hoping you bring some of that “always sunny San Diego” with you when you come!

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