Cybertruck sighting!

My first first-hand look at the new Tesla Cybertruck was all I could have hoped for. It’s as ugly as the pictures make it seem! Even more telling, it was being towed.

In my experience, 100% of cybertrucks are broken.


4 thoughts on “Cybertruck sighting!

  1. Funny, because yesterday I saw my SECOND cybertruck in the wild, and the first one actually being driven on the streets. Indeed, every bit as ugly as one was led to believe. My first cybertruck sighting was over a month ago in Mira Mesa, of all places, parked on Capricorn not too far from your old house. I was on my bike and wondering if it deserved a picture when the car in front of me pulled up short (to take a picture) forcing me into evasive action. So I decided to ride on, the opportunity to take a picture of the cybertruck < the smug feeling of a cyclist passing a rude driver (who was only doing what I was contemplating, minus the stopping all traffic part).

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