New Poll is Up

Jesse put in a comment:

I think you should start a new poll
on how you should chase this Nicole
we’ll say, “start the hunt!”
or, “give up and punt”
come on man! give us control

There you go. Vote early, vote often. Maximum ballot box stuffing rate is once per day, I’m afraid, unless you have multiple computers.

As I said before, I’ll abide by the decision of the public. I’m only going to be here a few more days at most, I think, so this poll will close pretty quickly.

14 thoughts on “New Poll is Up

  1. Tell her you have a 12 inch tongue and can breathe through your ears.

    She’s your then.

    You can name your first child after me.

  2. I guess I should follow the poll advice on a rolling basis, rather than wait for some arbitrary time for it to be “done”. So, I’ll be going to a different bar this afternoon. If another option takes the lead, I’ll adjust my behavior accordingly. (Proposals of marriage and other irrevocable acts will wait until the poll closes.)

    *faint sigh of relief*

  3. Don’t know why you would ask her to go to Vegas with me, when it’s yer problem, but that’s what I think you should do. Of course, if Marianna finds out, well, I suppose it was the pole that made you do it!

  4. C’mon dude, your out in the wild west, living the road trip life – like a modern day easyrider (except you have two extra wheels, no dope or Dennis Hopper sidekick). The drifter always gets the girl.

    Like we BitDogs used to say, “Go Dog Go!”

  5. Where’s the option for more of this “suiting” stuff? She clearly suits you. Perhaps you suit her, as well.

    Dinner is good. Forget the movie.

    Instead, tell her you need a native guide to show you the most beautiful spots in the area so you can take pictures for your blog and you’d be happy to feed her for her trouble.

  6. I hit OK and nothing seemed to happen, so I hit OK again and evidently posted twice.

    Forget ballot stuffing. I can overwhelm the comments section just by posting multiple times.

  7. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you are playing it safe. You are living a wild life. Explore! But remember the golden rule of travel. “Don’t monkey with another monkey’s monkey or you will be face to face with the gorilla man.”

    Just a thought.

  8. I’m sure doesn’t support what I’m about to suggest, but your polls always need “Other”, with a comments field. Were that an option, my vote would be “Shave off the beard, then proceed to suiting.” Okay, maybe just trim the beard.

  9. Aside from CarolAnne, I know there’s other wimin readers. Where are their comments on all of this? Come on ladies! What should he do?

  10. Just a note on temporal dynamics: here on the east coast, I checked the blog one more time, yesterday,(nothing new had appeared) left the office, went home. Came in this morning, logged on, found a new poll, found a new entry, found the votes had already taken off, the polling places closed down, and your decision made. Its like the supreme court took my vote from me all over again ;-) But that’s not really a complaint. I just find it interesting. What I really want to complain about is that you didn’t come around in a big bus, give me a cheap pint of whiskey, and buy my vote with a chicken dinner.

  11. Forget the advice of Doc Pants. I doubt that he is licensed to practice in Montana. Take the advice of a crack chimp – If you want a banana, you’ve got to take the chance of slipping on a peel.

  12. Fear not, Jess, the vote is not yet final. I just have to abide by the current consensus. If the cinsensus changes, so do I. (With the limit of irevocable acts. Those will have to wait.)

  13. One potential tricky bit – every time I was in the bar she told me when her next shift was. Now I’ve missed a shift and I don’t know when she works again. Since I’m currently not allowed to go in there (“find another bar” is the front-runner as I write this), it’s going to be difficult to reestablish contact.

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