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In the realm of blog millennia, few will be remembered as vividly as Muddled Rambling and Half-Baked Idea’s 7k. From its controversial start to its climactic end, 7k, although the shortest millennium in MR&HBI history, was a time of great change and great challenges. In the center of those events stands Mr7k. While not without his detractors, it is safe to say that Mr7k was a driving force that redefined the millennial office.

The term of Mr7k began in controversy, with miscounts, recounts, prematurely announced results, and destroyed records. Though the conflict could have torn the MR&HBI community asunder, the crisis was averted by the gracious actions and high-minded principles of all parties involved without having to resort to a pull-off and Bar-B-Q, the recognized way to resolve such disputes if the disagreement proves intractable. Since then, the system has been improved to help prevent further debate in the future. All of this proves the importance of public records and public review in ensuring that justice prevails.

Such a rocky beginning might have undermined pervious millennial office holders, or at the very least diminished their effectiveness, but after a brief healing period Mr7k launched an agressive and far-seeing agenda. Collected here are the artifacts of those initiatives, as a monument to the legacy of Mr7k and as an inspiration to future millennial office holders. (Hopefully one of those future millennial office holders will define a new term for “millennial office holder”.)

The Blog Mission Statement
This site is dedicated to enhancing the worldwide understanding of and appreciation for:

  1. Beer
  2. Beer
  3. Satire
  4. Beer
  5. Creative writing
  6. Beer
  7. Wine (as a way to embrace diversity)
  8. More Beer
  9. Foods to eat while you are drinking beer
  10. Beer
  11. Bars, bartenders, and the beer they serve

A seminal document in blog history constructed by a diverse committee under the leadership of Mr7k (although apparently ignoring contributions of his political rivals), perhaps the next effective millennial office holder can come up with a mechanism for ratification.

Proposal for the name of the newest MRHBI category: Jer’s Beers of the world tour.
Mr7k used his savvy understanding of the polling system to ensure that this suggestion was a runaway favorite. The MR&HBI Executive Committee and Editorial Staff used this valued contribution when arriving at the name: Jer’s Bars of the World Tour.

Bringing the tone of debate at MR&HBI to a new level
Issues that saw discussion included educational programs for the handicapped, light transportation manufacturers, numerical analysis, weapons of mass destruction, beer, and number three.

Yet, looking at this legacy, we see that there is still a mountain to climb. Issues to face. Innovative names and numbers to invent. The legacy of Mr7k is as much about what lies ahead as it is about what lies behind. As the 8k millennial office holder is what we call in politics an “egg-fryer”, we will have to await the emergence of the next true leader.

15 thoughts on “Mr7k Memorial Library and Archives

  1. I believe that Mr7K truly defined “pervious millennial office holder.” Emphasis on teh “perv.”

    All hail the pervious millennial office holder!

  2. Aack! A quick googling for “Mr7K” puts your blog on page three! This must not stand!

    Jer, what can be done about this injustice towards one of the seminal leaders of the free world?

  3. Well, first we have o wage a campaign against MRI anestheia carts. Then we have to eliminate a host of other items with part numbers that contain Mr7k.

    Or we could just wait a few days. I xpect tath having Mr7k in a page title will pull a lot of weight.

  4. The Mission Statement, while not excessively missionary and commendable for its brewed emphasis, does not mention well-engineered top-down driving machines and scenic by-ways and highways. A repairable omission, I’m sure.

    Of course, in the full spirit of diversity with accuracy, the mission statement should mention well-crafted lagers, pilsners, ales, red ales, brown ales, stouts, porters, etc. The point isn’t just any “beer”; the goal should be to support great beers, too. Pat

  5. If I may speak on behalf of the honorable gentleman, Mr7k, when “we” say beer, we mean beer. Tasteless piss-water need not answer to the name “beer.”

  6. Mr7k, in a previous incarnation, was known as “Joe Budweiser”. Or was that me? I don’t even remember what the other one of us was called, perhaps “Bob Budweiser”, in which case Mr7k was definitely Joe. Or Jim. maybe the other name was Jim.

    Although even back then I was a budding beer snob, we were the Budweiser Brothers. Mostly ’cause it was a fun name.

    I think I’ll have another Gambrinus.

  7. I have no idea what you’re referring to, so I’m having a hard time denying the accusation.

    The good ‘ol “Accuse someone of something that makes no sense and see if they’ll hang themselves publicly” trick, eh?

  8. Maybe “Budweiser Brother” could be slightly re-formatted to “Budovar Bratr” to remove any AB connotations? How is Jerry doing with the Czech language and software empire?

  9. I’ve been concentrating on the writing rather than the software, but I think that’s going to have to change. Although I will be published on December 25 (more info later), the time between writing and getting paid for the work is incredible. You will also see me turn to shorter works to get more publishing cred. I wrote a short story last night that I like quite a lot.

    As for the language, I engaged in a very awkward haggle over the price of beer tonight.

  10. Hello Everyone,

    What’s all this Mr7K stuff? I’m reminded of the Han Solo quote at the beginning of “The Empire Srikes Back”: “I’m out of it for a little while, and everyone gets delusions of grandeur.”

    As I moved into my new office, I noticed some files and papers apparently owned by this Mr7K fellow. One, in particular, caught my eye. It appears to be a list of bequests:

    “To pL, I leave my signed, authenticated Visitor #7000 certificate and plaque,

    To Keith, I leave my gold plated calculator and (an unidentified) dry cleaning ticket,

    To Jesse, I leave a $7,000 gift certificate to the All Da (pronounced “All Day” – there must be a “Y” shortage in NC) Bar-B-Que Pit, to Jerry and the CNPA, I leave my undying thanks for their tireless work for the betterment of beer, and to Visitor #1M6 – Toast!”

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