Apologies for the Silence

Just a quickie here to explain my relative silence. The problem is that Bill is such a good host. When I go to the bar he comes to, so I leave my technology behind. Then he’s driving which means I’m not (he won’t fit in my car) which means, well, bring on the Big-Ass Beers! That means when I get home I have lots of things to say but not the fingers to say them with.

Oh, all right. The real reason is the game he has on his computer that swallowed my brain for a few days. But that’s all going to change today. I’m going to a bar and I’m taking my laptop with me, by gum!

On an unrelated note, Squirrel Chatter is at an all-time high, and — AND — yesterday as I was pusing my flat-tire bike (healthy lifestyle courtesy Bill) the Black Squirrel of San Angelo scampered across my path. I am not sure what evil this portends, but please take the necessary precautions.

Finally, Haloscan seems to be having trouble right now. If it weren’t for all the comments already in their system, I would consider switching. Hopefully by the time you read this the problem will be fixed.

4 thoughts on “Apologies for the Silence

  1. It seems like everyone has been this way lately. There’s a collective conscience that governs a lot of what we do. I have been the same way. But, I am personally going to change all that by thinking really, really hard.

  2. I went to a bar, as I promised, and the words came out in the proverbial torrent. I didn’t even have to start drinking first. There’s just something about that atmosphere. I have another episode to put up from Lone Wolf – I juat have to type it first.

  3. SSDC Conspiracy theorists are abuzz over the news that The Flying Squirrel, Kerry’s Private Gulfstream Jet may be an indicator of an alliance between the candidate and the SSDC. News developing …

  4. Speaking of typos, what’s silience? Is that when things get so daffy that everything everyone says sets off gales of laughter?

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