Real Sports

Said by fuego this evening as he lined up a risky shot while holding a beer with his other hand: “You know it’s a different kind of croquet when you have to worry about breaking a window or hitting the bust of Lenin.”


5 thoughts on “Real Sports

  1. Of course, you’ve probably heard about the famous Redneck Last Line: “Hold my beer and watch this!” According to some Phoenix ER docs, that’s the number-one line that precedes a rattlesnake bite. I guess by holding his own beer, fuego warded off that possibility — that, and there probably aren’t any rattlesnakes on the loose in Prague.

  2. Well, no matter, none of those things happened. Nor did I make the sweet bank shot off the wall back through the wicket. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I got caught on a weed mound and shanked it into the gully.

    Oh, well, so lie the perils of Croquet.

  3. You also have to wonder how many of the fancy pantz Croquet Palaces use a weed whacker as their main greens grooming tool…

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