A Big Day in Moravia

Let’s see how this map thingie works…

View Muddled Moravia in a larger map

You’ll have to zoom in to find the marker: Drinkin’ with a Priest!

2 thoughts on “A Big Day in Moravia

    • I actually put a whole bunch of links to maps back in my road trip days. I used a service called multimap, which has apparently now been absorbed by Bing. The Bing mapping service seems to be pretty good, but the links in those old posts don’t work anymore.

      The above map is embedded by pasting code straight from Google. There are a few WordPress widgets that are supposed to make embedding a map simpler, but so far they either haven’t used the Google API the way that works best for me, or they haven’t worked at all. I’m sure the right answer is out there.

      Then I’ll just have one of my interns go back and replace all the broken map links with embedded maps.

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