Man’s best friend

One of the canine regulars at the Little Café Near Nome is a friend of mine. When she first comes in she rushes about, greeting everyone — except me. Without fail I feel mildly hurt as this pup with whom I’ve shared many an evening rushes about looking for quick handouts. Eventually, after working all the other guests and carefully scanning the floor, she will come over and sit by me, and bonk her head against my leg. After a nice ear rub (she really likes ear rubs) she will curl up at my feet, until someone new arrives. Then she’s off again, checking out the possibilities.

I think human females regard me in much the same way. That’s not a bad thing, overall. I can handle being home base.

3 thoughts on “Man’s best friend

  1. Ok, I laughed at this. I just got back from walking with my dad and had two cats and one dog come up to me to be rubbed. One cat at end of street always starts ‘merrooowing’ before I am half way down the block.

    Female humans do NOT think of you same way. Some of us are mental :-)

  2. uhhh, I hate to interupt this ear rubbin, but what about this Prague terrorist threat makin world news? Mind your peas and queues.

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