Five stars, baby!

Ah, what’s Saturday morning for if not tooting one’s own horn?

There are several sites on the Web specializing in finding all the bazillions of little applications out there to make it easier for the rest of us to find the tool we need. I use these services all the time, whether it’s to find an open-source audio editing program or a GUI interface for CVS. Most of these places allow users to rate the software and comment on it, but a few provide other enhancements, including, in the case of Softpedia, certifications that applications are without malicious code, spyware, and adware. Softpedia also will sometimes write in-depth reviews of programs. Which, of course, is where I come in.

I got a message from them a couple of days ago saying that I had been given the 100% clean award. That was nice and all, but I already knew there was no hidden evil in my program. Not long after that I got the message that the software had been reviewed. The reviewer really, really, liked what he saw. He also articulated something better than I’ve managed to do when explaining JersNW. Most of the features in business-oriented word processors are focussed on what happens to the words after you write them. Few of the features are oriented to helping you get the words written in the first place.

If you really care that much, you can read the review here. My favorite part was the summary:

The Good

Made for writing, with all those options and features that are actually useful to the writing process.

The Bad

The only bad thing about this program is that I haven’t been using it for many years already. The only thing that it is missing is support for multiple versions of a part of the text so that you can rewrite and keep the originals.

You have to like when the “bad” part is a compliment. Five stars out of five. I have no idea how common that rating is at Softpedia, but I’ll take it.


6 thoughts on “Five stars, baby!

  1. Yeah, I know you’ve alredy decided not to make a Windows version of JNW. But after reading that review, I really want it. Typically, I have to keep track of things with reams’ worth of Post-It notes, or else have a bunch of background information in separate files on the computer.

    Right now, I’m in the planning stages for this year’s NaNo novel, working on a plot outline and a cast of characters. Those are going to involve a lot of separate little files, disjointed, albeit gathered in a directory. And I know that once November comes and I actually start writing, I’m going to want a system that keeps me from either being redundant or contradicting myself. Based on what I read in the review, JNW can help with that.

    Yeah, I know, the way to deal with the problem is to get a Mac. Financially, however, that’s just not possible at this time.

  2. I note that the counter is now 52,200, and I would assume the Next Big Number has happened. (You stsill have the previous [pervious] Next Big Number in the sidebar.)

    Does that mean that Mom never got to revel in the joys of MOH-hood?

  3. But she will! I was number 520021 (had to look it up myself, the Mysterious powers of the Blogg seem to be waning, it could have something to do with the size of this year’s Ozone hole. And I have claimed the MoH for MoM. She can now officially be MoMoH!

  4. Hi Jer,
    Congratulations on the review.

    Please don’t take this the wrong way, but it is just not surprising that you are (still) very good at writing software. It is delightfully surprising to read (here on MR&HBI and in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction) how good you are wrting.

    I would also love to comment on your film making abilities, but I (ahem) still haven’t been able to see Pirates.


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