Google me baby. Google me all night long.

This list was actually compiled over a longer period than my previous search engine episodes. I used something called “planning” and wrote down interesting (to me) search phrases as I encountered them. As usual, I reserve the right to use pig latin when I don’t want to change future search results.

  • lots of searches about blimps – hopefully they read the comments while they’re there, or they’ll miss out on BASSCAR and ISBA.
  • Mira Mesa Night life – I expect I come out high on the search because no one thought to mention “Mira Mesa” and “Night life” in the same sentence
  • Several searches related to sex, of course, the ones that stand out for me were x-ray beach pictures, butt pitchers, bison ass pictures and the best of all, what is a grilled cheese when it is talked about as sex term
  • bars across the western US, most frequently but not limited to Amsay’s Aceplay Akelay Ahoetay, illionmay ollarday owboycay arbay, uaulay arrylay’s and spenaay oungelay (how do you do pig latin when the sord starts with a vowel?)
  • HAPPY++2TH+++BIRTHDAY++++TO++++BABY – I doubt they found what they were looking for here.
  • ramblings about chicks – that, I have plenty of, another coming soonish
  • how to make a lombardi trophy – who cares? Anleystay upcay is etterbay.
  • various searches concerning squirrels and violence
  • “gravity hill” sagan – links to my Get Poor Quick category page as a result of the reusable space vehicle episode.
  • bowling balls darth vader – I’d like to hear any ideas you all might have for why someone would search on that.
  • “trumpet bells” picture – linked to the coaxial trumpet episode
  • sporstman who would take alcohol – that search seems to imply that there’s another kind

Of course, there were lots and lots of people looking for cooking advice. I get several people a day on that one, and this week someone finally left a note of appreciation over there. Hooray! Elevator ocelot rutabaga made a comeback, my name led someone here, as did a search on the single word “soonish”.

The Monster Within update

I’ve been working very hard on the next update for The Monster Within which is the main reason I haven’t been getting much up here lately. There’s only so many barin cells left, and when I burn them all up on the novel I end up saying “maybe tomorrow” when I fire up the blog.

I don’t know how many of you want a shot at the next draft, but there are certainly some changes. I wrote the missing chapter – the one that demonstrates how bad one of the guys really is – and that led to a rework of another part, giving it much more BAM! Now I’m making my way through the last third of the book, because you can’t go BAM! without causing an echo. The end is also dramatically reworked, and the epilogue no longer mentions people you’ve never heard of before.

I’ve also found a few places where people seemed to have oddly forgotten something they already knew. *sigh* Once I get the continuity issues worked out, fix the search feature in my word processor so I can get all the names right, rewrite all the new bits a couple more times, and do the hokey pokey and shake it all about it’ll be ready for further review.

Let me know if you’re interested in the next draft. Don’t worry, my feelings won’t be hurt if you’re not interested in reading an unfinished novel for a second or third time. But if you missed it the last time or you’re really a glutton for punishment drop me a line and v 0.5 of The Monster Within is yours!