The Fantasy Novel I Will Likely Never Write is moving to a new home. I’ve got the announcement all set to go, but like many construction projects, getting the new home set up has been way more time-consuming than I bargained for.

Brief aside: WordPress has thousands of widgets for almost every purpose, and most of them suck. I mean, they really suck.

So I’ve been spending time on that, and not on the actual story. Bah. The time I do devote to the prose I’m investing in rewrites of the early chapters, when “IWLN” was still mostly true, so I wasn’t putting as much into the finer points of writing a good yarn. I think you’ll appreciate the difference should you be inclined to go back and read. You know, when the new home is ready.

I guess the message is, faithful fans, please be patient.

And if you, or someone you love, can draw me a couple of pictures, please let me know.


2 thoughts on “Where’s TFNIWLNW?

    • Very soon, now…

      Kind of a good news/bad news thing going on, however – I have episode sixteen in a pretty good place, but the new site will only start with episodes 1-5, until I can clean up the rest of the work already released here.

      The other good news is that the new versions of some of the chapters will be quite a bit better.

      Also, I plan to get some work done on episode 17 this weekend.

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