Women’s Soccer, USA vs. England, and Scary People

I’m sorta-kinda-not-so-much watching a soccer match right now. As the teams came out of the halftime break the cameras showed the English team huddling and psyching each other up, then they cut to one of the US players, alone on the pitch, with a disturbingly intense look on her face. Whoever that was, I wouldn’t want to mess with her. So now I’m paying a little more attention to the game. If the US loses, will there be violence?

Also, I’m saddened by the vast, mostly-empty stadium. This game is in many ways superior to the men’s version (far fewer flop artists, less corruption in officiating), but this is still a novelty league in footie-loving countries.

But tonight, the game is on, and it’s pretty good, now that I’m paying attention. Athleticism vs. structure. Somewhere out there on the pitch is a woman with murder in her soul, so I hope we win.

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