Where There’s Vampires…

I haven’t considered putting werewolves into my November Epic, but at the World Fantasy Convention I joked that after I finish The Quest for the Important Thing to Defeat the Evil Guy I should follow with Vampires and Werewolves Get It On (and Oh, Yeah, There’s Zombies Too). Although this book has already been written many times (as has Quest), it’s never been written as honestly.

Secret insider information I’ve received indicates that there is another movie in the reputedly-wreched Twilight series (excuse me, saga) coming out. In it, vampires and werewolves get it on. No word on Zombies. (“Get it on” can mean different things in different contexts; while usually it has sexual connotations, it can also mean to come into conflict. That’s what makes the title so perfect. When they’re not getting it on, they’re getting it on.)

Quest was a title I’d been hoping to drop casually in a conversation with a publisher, get them all excited, and have them give me lots of money. While I did talk to a couple of publishers, I never got to that level of conversation. In one case that was my fault; they were celebrating the launch of a book with a reading, and the four authors weren’t very good. I didn’t stick around. Someone was eventually going to ask my opinion.

So, I still have my day job. I have completely failed to balance work and life; failing so badly that I’m also not getting enough work done.

For NaNoWriMo I’m way, way behind on word count, but thanks to you guys my vampire society is a complex one filled with internal conflict. It creates the perfect setting for someone to do to the vampires what they do to humanity — hunt them for food.

Maybe in one of the blockbuster sequels I can toss in Lycanthropes. And, oh, yeah, Zombies, too. And ninjas.

No pirates, though. That would be crass commercialism.

5 thoughts on “Where There’s Vampires…

  1. I was gonna sweet this entry, because you are excited about the vampire help the bloggcomm provided, but then I thought you might think I was sweeting it because you are behind in work, and I didn’t want you to think I had a perverse relish for your troubles. So …anyway…
    I confess to really liking the first Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp’s reinterpretation of Keith richards was inspired. But it was like they said to themselves, “hey, little bit of salt made the soup awesome, let’s pour in the whole canister!”
    One for the MR&HBI dictionary: I accidently wrote vimpire instead of vampire. What might a vimpire be?

  2. What about leprechauns? You got anything against little people? And midgets. If you’re skipping crass commercialism, that leaves crass midget jokes.

    Ghosts, so you can have under-employed rejects from a ghost-hunting service.

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