A Quick Perfume Question

What would be a fairly unusual but not ridiculous scent for a waitress in a bar to wear? Something subtle, perhaps a bit sexier than one would normally wear to work.

3 thoughts on “A Quick Perfume Question

  1. Vanilla. Not a perfume with a vanilla infusion, and especially not an artificial vanilla scent. Just vanilla.

    If you wanted to get exotic, you could specify Mexican vanilla. That’s a bit harsher than the American or French varieties, with sort of a burnt edge to it.

  2. My first thought – and it doesn’t answer your question, but it’s like a rorschach test, (couldn’t stop the first thought) – was patchouli. All the hiippy chicks wear it and it is not subtle. I used to hate the smell, but “…I’ve grown accustomed to her sme..er…face…” Brings back fond memories of the Deadhead Phish fans from college.
    My personal favorite scent, but it is hard to find (irrelevant) and more traditionally considered a male scent (perhaps relevant) is sandlewood.
    You may not decide to use it for your story, but splash a little on and TG will purr.

    • A waitress in a bar wearing subtle perfume?
      Something that doesn’t knock you right off the barstool?
      It must be some high-end bar where the booze costs more than I can afford for my whole dinner.
      Or, there’s a reason in the story mechanics for the waitress to be really slumming.

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