The Monster Within Reaches Puberty

Yes, the novel is undergoing changes, reaching maturity at a frightening pace (some days frighteningly slow), and is beginning to turn from potential into reality.

As the fuzz on it’s electronic chin starts to look more like the goofy and pretentious little beard that Lit majors inevitably sport at one time or another, the story’s purposes and goals seem clearer. Still, there are the bad days, when it despairs as it looks in the mirror and sees zits everywhere, and it’s voice seems to crack and change with every sentence. On those days it wails in despair: How am I ever going to meet a nice Chick Lit looking like this? It hangs its head as each word of the lament is in a different octave.

But the novel has friends, many of whom will likely read this, and the book knows that with their guidance and faith it will reach a noble and fine maturity, one that will make us all proud.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a bunch of zits to squeeze.

8 thoughts on “The Monster Within Reaches Puberty

  1. Next time you’re in the mood for statistical analysis, how about determining the mean life time of a comment thread. Is it more closely correlated to days past, or blog entries past? (I’m betting the latter.)

    And do you, as blog owner, have access to a tool to show you comments not by thread but by time, or must you search all threads looking for new entries (like me)?

  2. It’s a good question, I can never remember how many comments there were, and where I commented. Is there a way for the blog to tell us about new comments? A way to add a little “3 new comments have been added” thingy?

  3. There is a way to see a list of the latest comments, but not what entry they were originally connected to. There is also a time-based way to look at the comments that only I, the administrator, have access to.

    I have written to haloscan and have even offered to help with development to rectify the above problems (along with adding an entry rating system), but have met with no responses.

    There is an RSS feed for the comments that you could view with a newsreader, but as I mentioned you can’t get back to the original article.

    I was wondering if comments would start appearing in some of the classic episodes once I added the search feature. Probably adding the “latest comments” feed would help more.

  4. Most of the time, you can figure out what is being discussed by clicking the link and reading the previous comments.

    Unfortunately, there is no simple way to make the link point to the original blog entry rather than the comment thread. That information is not provided in the comment RSS feed. (In fact, it is currently not saved in the comment system at all.)

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