Hit it!

It’s six days to December. I have 29,000 words to go, few work responsibilities, it’s dark, and I’m drinking decaf.

10 thoughts on “Hit it!

  1. I just hit 50K about a half hour ago. Of course, I’m a long way from the ending, as my first dead body didn’t even show up until nearly 43,000 words in. And I didn’t even know until I wrote the obit that my victim this year was the half-brother of the murderer in NaNo 2005.

  2. Hi Jerry,

    I finished this morning, wrapping up the story at 53,663 words. Thanks for being my inspiration to do this!

    I can’t wait to start editing! :-)

    yer cuz,


    • Congratulations! A couple of times I tried to look you up through the NaNoWriMo system to check your progress, but I failed.

      My user name is ‘Jerry’, by the way, for those who wish to follow my heroic final sprint to the finish.

      • There seems to have been a glitch with the NaNo system. I did have “lmintun” listed among my buddies when I went to edit my buddy list, but she didn’t show up when I went to the screen showing my buddies and their progress.

        Oh, and if you want to follow me, I’m “Carol Anne”.

        But anyhow, congratulations, Louise. Hope you’ll be along for the ride from now on.

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