First Names

What would a really, really old (at least 2000 years) female vampire be named? Would she modernize her name over time, or stick with the original? She has been isolated from mainstream society (but not vampire society) for the last few hundred years.

6 thoughts on “First Names

  1. Phaedra.

    She wouldn’t want to change that name; it’s a perfectly good name, and she’s been happy with it for a couple of millennia.

    (Currently working — at least inside my head — on a blog post about what is widely regarded as the best treatise on rhetoric, and at the same time the best treatise on a particular sort of love … Plato’s Phaedras. Trying to make it not too sappy.)

  2. Phaedra is not bad at all.
    anybody else have a problem commenting this morning? Weird message about , phaw don’t even remember, but it claimed it was my fault and I was going to have to uninstall things from my ‘puter. Syeah right. I tried the old waiting game it it seemed to work.

    • Phaedra sounds good. I recently picked up Powers’ “The Stress of Her Regard” which involves lamia. You read that one?

      Happy Thanksgiving! Rock that WriMo!

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