Be careful what you wish for…

In a comment to a story I posted a week or two ago, I mentioned another story I had sent to a smaller publication because I didn’t think it was A-list material. In the intervening time I went back to make it better for the next submission, and I decided that it was better than I had originally thought. In fact, I was starting to feel that it was pretty darn good. So I expressed hope that the small mag would reject it, so I could throw it into the shark tank in more visible markets.

Well, I got my wish.

The only thing is that the rejection was by far the most perfunctory dismissal I’ve ever received. Now I think the story sucks again.

2 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for…

  1. Ah fuhgedaboutit as far as the blowoff from the small mag … whoever did it may not have been much of a professional anyway.

  2. In an odd twist, I received a second rejection from that publication today, only slightly friendlier than the first.

    These guys really, really, don’t want this story.

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