Ah, yesterday. A fleeting thing, lost, gone by definition. Some yesterdays leave something behind, a tendril of connection that we can grasp to assert that yesterday was more than just a mathematical concept — more than just a number on the calendar. Some yesterdays linger for lifetimes, becoming The Day That… Most yesterdays fade, however, as further yesterdays intervene, until they are lost into a statistical mish-mash of a “typical day” for that phase of one’s life.

Yesterday was not a typical day, but (unless this writing makes it a Day That…), it is not a day that has managed to linger in memory even until it’s own end. Forgotten before it was even finished.

I was tired yesterday. Two nights previous I had gone out with Cassius and Frodo, and we had welcomed the dawn together. The following night I was surprised to not be drowsy (I think I had given myself jet-lag) so I started playing a computer game. I did this well into the following morning without a break, at which point I had to get up and do things. Four hours sleep, then none at all. So, yeah, like I said, I was tired.

And that, really, is all there is to say about yesterday. No words written, no chores done, no accomplishments. So today my only handle on yesterday is a hole: a day when the lists of things to do all got longer. Most if it I just spent breathing, I think, although I do vaguely recall a nice dinner at home, and this morning there were dishes to prove it. Nice to have a houseguest who cooks.


11 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. in homage to Lou Reed…

    One day Jerway decided to give it all away.
    Sold his ranch and left super south L.A.
    A friend here and a friend there
    pretty soon he’s drifted nowhere.
    He writes in his blog, “Hey man, drive a Miata to Prague. I say HEY man, drive a Miata to Prague.”

    And the married guys with children say
    Doot d’doot d’doot
    Doot doot’doot dooooo wahh

    I don’t know what the hell I’m saying, but I sure sound profound, don’t I?

  2. Ah, doest it or doesn’t it? The answer to the first half, no, I am no more free than anyone else chooses to be. Maybe less so. I am bound by ambition, I am a slave to desire.

    Midlife crisis? Not so much. This is serious. Indefinite? Yeah, that’s my life in a nutshell.

    And hold on a sec, here… “expire indefinitely”? If you want to talk here, at least try to make sense. I stop myself from saying crap like this (almost) every time. Well, usually, anyway.

    Often, at least.

  3. Sorry about the choice of words. I was just searching for a goofy rhyme. My motto is: let not the left brain know what thy right brain is doing.

    “expire indefinitely” = limited time perhaps, but uncertain if and when.

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