And the answer… none of the above

I’ve got my NaNoWriMo story. All those other ideas, including a couple I forgot to mention in that previous episode, are back on the back burner. There’s a new story in town, and it’s a goodie.

An american is assigned to live in a tiny nation that no one has ever heard of – in fact, no one is even sure if it’s actually a country or perhaps a territory of one of its only-slightly-less obscure neighbors. He is met with great suspicion until he admits he is a spy, at which point he becomes a minor celebrity. People are beating down his door to tell him “state secrets”, most of which are repackaged jokes involving goats. Eventually our main man, under pressure to report something meaningful, starts including these stories in his reports, developing his own code. The spooks in Washington, being paranoid, read an entirely different message into his code. Hijinks ensue. When the Russians learn of the Americans’ interest in a part of the former Soviet Union, things get really crazy – and, of course, the chinese can’t ignore all these goings-on.

The mayor of the capital city of “Stan”, as the country comes to be known at the CIA, turns out to be quite a wily fellow beneath his naive bumpkin exterior.

6 thoughts on “And the answer… none of the above

  1. There is a bit of The Mouse That Roared, and we’ll have to wait to see how much, but we won’t have football-shaped atomic bombs. I’m going more for a Tom Sharpe or Douglas Adams (perhaps even Jerry Seeger) style of absurdity. We’ll see what happens. Sustaining that sort of silliness for a month will probably be impossible, but it will be fun to try.

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