Planning Dinner

“What should we have for dinner?” my sweetie asks me fairly often.

“Um…” Think! What haven’t we had lately? What complements the weather? Do I have a hankering for something? How much work will it be to prepare? “… chicken?”

“OK, how about chicken with a buttery-garlicky sauce and spicy mashed potatoes? We can have a salad later. Would that be all right?”

Would that be all right. My sweetie is funny sometimes. So after the anguished seconds it takes me to simply name an animal, she dashes off a complete menu that she pulls from thin air, along with a schedule.

I’m eating well these days.


1 thought on “Planning Dinner

  1. The magic was getting you to say “chicken,” so the menu that was already prepared was a go. Sometimes know as the “force,” or the “Jedi Mind Trick.”

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