More Evidence I’m a Lucky Man

There’s a commercial running on TV these days that features a stadium built out of sandwiches and snack foods. When this replica of Soldier Field is revealed, the rotund men assembled for the game gasp in awe.

The commercial runs on the Food Channel as well as during sporting events, so I’ve had the pleasure of watching it with my sweetie. Her take? A nice idea, but the field should be guacamole, not just some surface painted green.

If I ever need a replica of a stadium made out of munchies, I know it will be done right.

1 thought on “More Evidence I’m a Lucky Man

  1. Looking at it, I thought that the field was some type of comestible.

    If not, guacamole with the markings in crema fresca, FTW!

    I look forward to a Packers reappearance in SB XLVI and vow to create an edible Lambeau Stadium to commemorate!

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