“I haven’t … since I got married.”

I had a quiet chuckle the other day when I thought to myself, “I haven’t showered since I got married.” Immediately I came up with several other personal-hygiene-related phrases I’d had a chance to use: “I haven’t brushed my teeth since I got married.”

But what of other parts of my life? It seems like there should be plenty of opportunities for a newlywed to find humor with the phrase. “I haven’t eaten since I got married” only lasted a short time for me, but would have been pretty good.

I get the feeling that I’m missing some pretty good ones. Any thoughts from the bloggcomm?


3 thoughts on ““I haven’t … since I got married.”

  1. We’re sort of going through the same thing with the new house. It’s the first time we slept in it, the first shower, the first meal, the first laundry, etc. And Saturday was the first time I’ve made fruitcake in the new house, And today will (hopefully) be the first time to make the traditional English mince pies. And hang the stockings for the first time. Not sure about the first Christmas tree—there doesn’t seem to be any place to put it. Maybe it will have to be the little one on a table! Or where or when we’ll have the first Christmas dinner!

    • Yes, to a smaller place closer to the middle of town. Walking distance from just about everything – and within sight of the new Brewing Cooperative.

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