Festivities Under Way

For the next couple of days we will be holding the official ceremonies to commemorate my sweetie’s embarking on her fifth decade of life. Heady times! Yesterday I got to meet a sister-of-sweetie, one I had not had the pleasure of meeting before, and tonight we will be gathering at the parent’s house for The Casserole.

I’m not sure what The Casserole is, but when the light of my life mentions it I can hear the capital letters.

2 thoughts on “Festivities Under Way

  1. I have eaten The Casserole. The Casserole is quite the culinary feat, as it packs all it’s casseroly goodness into a shell composed of cheese with enough other ingredients to vaguely qualify it as ‘bread’. The body of the casserole was a vegetarian offering, filled with yummy things and mushrooms. Fortunately there was someone nearby willing to eat my share of the fungus.

    The Casserole definitely deserves its capital letters. Yes indeed.

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