Barely worth it’s own episode, but yesterday while doing laundry I dropped by Thrusters (map), the bar next door. Occasionally I still get carded, but very rarely. When I do get carded they’ve usually changed their minds by the time I have my wallet out. It goes something like:

Bartender: Can I see your ID?
Jerry (reaching for wallet): Really?
Bartender: Uh, Never mind.

That’s what happened at Thrusters except for two things: I didn’t have my wallet and she didn’t say never mind.

Once I had my clothes unloaded and splashing around in the suds, I moseyed in to the bar with an empty backpack and a book. They have an atmosphere there I appreciate—small, somewhat dark, and somewhat divey. Quiet in the late afternoon. One other guy was perched on his stool and he had barfly written all over him. I was tempted by the Guinness, but in the end ordered Siarra Nevada, one of the better macro-microbrews.

The beerista asked for my ID. I had none. One other time I got caught with my identifical pants around my ankles, the bartender just looked at me more closely and then brought my beer. Not this young lady. “I don’t know…” she said, eying me carefully. “You look pretty young.” No beer for Jer, but you know what? I’m OK with that. I hope she’s working again today so I can go in and show her my ID. It’s a cheesy move, I know, but it could be the most accelerated regularization on record—making an impression before having a single beer.

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  2. I think its all about the beard removal. You do look a lot younger with no facial hair. Plus, it is PB… Amy would have carded you on your first encounter in her bar.

  3. Jer,

    Unfortunatly I go there all the time and it wasn’t you even though you do look younger with no beard… but the real reason is this at the laundry mat they have a huge problem with …whats the nice word.. roof over the head challenged but thats why they have buy 1 get 1 for happy hour I’ll tell you jer if you want the best place to do laundry and drink call me it’s my favorite past time


  4. Funny story.

    When I was under drinking age I used to get into bars with a picture of my ass I put over my license picture. I never was denied. Everyone always just laughed and let me in…

  5. Better enjoy getting carded while you can. Won’t happen here. The first time Marianna and I went into a bar in the US together I had completely forgotten that part of the process. I walked up to the bar, ordered beers for all, was asked for our IDs. Didn’t have one, and neither did Marianna. This wasn’t Kansas anymore. Fortunately, the others in our party did have their IDs, and let us “sip” from their extra beers while we played pool in the back room.

  6. What’s really bad is that it isn’t necessarily the bartender’s choice whether to card. The Dam Site got temporarily closed last summer for failing to check IDs.

  7. Great use of quote marks. From overhearing discussions among my students, especially those under 21, I know that many of them are skilled at “proving” their age.

    Interesting misuse of quote marks I just saw at one of the marinas at Elephant Butte: “Dogs” must be on a leash at all times while in the marina. I suppose that means if you have a small furry creature that thinks its a dog but isn’t really (maybe it’s a squirrel?), you have to keep it on a leash. But if you have a genuine canine, you can let it loose.

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