Pups in Limbo

pups Triska just had her second kid and is feeling overwhelmed right now. It’s not just the dogs, but they contribute, and finding a place for them until I could take them to the Czech Republic would be really helpful. Otherwise, they may have to put the boys up for adoption.

The biggest problem is that little Spike doesn’t do well with the clumsy love of a child. He’s a good dog, but he’s very small and when the gentle petting becomes enthusiastic patting he feels threatened. He’s probably OK with kids 6 and up, depending on how spastic the kid is.

It would be simplest to find a place here in California, but I can drive the boys pretty much anywhere if necessary. Here’s the lowdown: They are both chihuahuas. They go as a package (Spike needs another dog around). They love to sit on laps and crawl under the covers. They are untested around cats, and have limited experience with other dogs, but recent encounters have been peacful.

Chico (aka Lefty) is the younger and more active of the two; he loves to chase things. His name could be “Magnet”; chicks dig him. He only has one eye, but don’t tell him that. Spike is older and more territorial than Lefty. He is smaller and has a worried-looking expression most of the time. Usually when evil is near he will raise the alarm and Lefty will spring into action. Spike can stand on his hind legs nearly indefinitely.

Sooner or later I will probably be taking the pups to Prague, but it’s important for any potential adopter to understand that “sooner or later” encompasses a very large window.

Please contact me via email or put a comment here if you are interested in looking after the guys. They really are good pups and you will fall in love with them, I promise.

14 thoughts on “Pups in Limbo

  1. We can put them up here in Praha for a while, in your room. At least until you get organized and find a place of their own. Be sure and get them some good doggie sweaters. I though little down vests would be cute…and sexy! Don’t know if that helps for the time between now, and when you finally make it to Prague.

  2. I really didn’t want to bring them over first thing because it would raise eyebrows about not having a visa and bringing my pets. I thought there would be enough explaining to do with all my computers. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, though.

  3. I hear that Paris Hilton has lost “Tinkerbell” (Chihuahua she took on her reality shows). There could be worse things for the pups than living with a vacuous multimillionaire.

    I wish I could take them but I’ll think if I know anyone that could be their foster-bitch.

  4. If all else fails, we could probably put the dogs up in Albuquerque — I seem to recall that on a past visit Spike got along pretty well with Dulce and Tres. (The personality conflict was between Dulce and Koko.)

  5. Maybe I should apply to be Tinkerbell’s replacement…

    I was considering bringing the dogs with me to New Mexico, if only to give Triska some temporary relief. If it was only temporary, I’d have to drive them back to San Diego again.

    I’ll tell you guys some day about the Vegas trip Mikie and I took with the dogs one Thanksgiving.

  6. Was catching up on news … Paris Hilton’s house was burglarized, but Tinkerbell’s OK. She wore pink to the news conference.

  7. Funny little thing about Paris and Tinkerbell……..seems Paris doesn’t like to walk her so instead she throws the poopy out the window ask my friend who works at the Wyndam in downtown San Diego… poop was a flying!

  8. Might be easiest for the dogs to relax in NM for a while before making the trip over, that, and your room here is just about the right size for two Chihuahuas, or one person, but not both. Have you gotten their little doggie passports organized yet?

  9. The cats and I will be heading to Albuquerque tomorrow — lucky me, I get to listen to Dulce’s rendition of “One Hundred Bottles of Beer on the Wall” for three hours. What do Spike and Lefty sing, either in the car or on karaoke nights?

  10. Classic doggie singing moment: the movie Lady and the Tramp, when the dogs in the pound sing a mournful rendition of “Home Sweet Home.” Not karaoke though; doggie barbershop, a capella.

  11. Update: I have now met Lefty and Spike (Spike I’d met before; Lefty for the first time), and I can verify that they’re even cuter than their picture. They can probably get along in a cat-containing household provided the cats are smart enough to head for high ground and otherwise tolerant of a certain level of boisterous doggie enthusiasm.

    Certainly Dulce and Tres had a much easier time with Lefty and Spike than they had last summer with a couple of poorly disciplined human cousins.

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