Muddled Ramblings Going Down for Maintenance

I’m not sure exactly when yet, but Muddled Ramblings & Half-Baked Ideas will be going down for some long-overdue maintenance shortly. You may have noticed occasional outages lately, and with not one, but TWO exciting new sites soon to be hosted on this hardware, it’s time for a little renovation. The Mac Mini behind this site has been running non-stop nigh-on five years, and it has a lot of old experimental junk on it that just needs to go away.

The outage will likely last a few hours, and when things come back up they should be zippier than ever.

Then if I could just move this site design forward by about a decade (the irony that the massive article about rounded corner support in modern browsers uses tiled images to create rounded corners is not lost on me) we’ll be in good shape!


2 thoughts on “Muddled Ramblings Going Down for Maintenance

  1. Ditch WordPress and give either Mobirise or Pinegrow a whirl. Both are much more Mac like in their approach for authoring modern responsive sites. In minutes not hours, too. I don’t work for them, Jerry, I’m not an affiliate. They are like Freeway on steroids except they are easier to use and produce cleaner efficient and fast-loading code. I’m happy to help, free of charge, with your new website design or coding of, the deserved payback for the years of pleasure your software has given me (I’m a professional web designer and currently an unpublished author).

    Um, so are you about to release a new version of JNW Along with the new website push?


    Tapping fingers on the table here, Jerry…

    • I’m in pretty deep with WordPress around here these days. There’s good and there’s bad. Since I’ve written some of the plugins I need and I’d have to rewrite them to change platforms, it’s a tough value proposition for me to switch.

      As far as JNW goes, I have ideas. I also have a day job, and (as is common in the software biz) I’d have to jump through some serious hoops to do a new release — especially because my employer could reasonably say that JNW competes with one of their own products.

      Of course, in my opinion, nothing competes with Jer’s Novel Writer, but my opinion counts for little. I use it damn near every day, and should I find myself comfortably unemployed, you can bet your boots I’ll be moving it forward.

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