What is Trump’s Goal?

Trump is a liar, a skunk, and a bully.

A couple of years ago, Trump told the Republican party that he didn’t need them. He told them that he would run a campaign for president, and he’d hardly have to spend a dime doing it. He knew the media, and he knew he’d get free coverage every inch of the way. A WWE campaign. The GOP insiders should have listened. While his opponents spend millions to get attention, he just says the most inflammatory thing that comes to mind at the moment. Boom. Instant coverage. Attention brings votes.

Many of the things he says are lies. He knows that as he says the words. It doesn’t matter to him. When people expose those lies, he threatens to sue. Of course he never will carry out that threat, because he would lose and look bad doing it.

Hey Donald. SUE ME! SUE ME FOR SAYING YOU ARE A LIAR AND A BULLY! DO IT! WHILE YOUR PATHETIC FANS CHEER ON; ACTUALLY DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL DO! I will not fall for your lies. I will not let you or your brownshirts intimidate me. STEP UP, DONALD. You and me in a debate. Any time, anywhere. I WILL TAKE YOU DOWN.

No risk there. Trump is a balloon. He knows how to manipulate the media. He is the train wreck we cannot turn away from. But every fucked-up thing he says is BIG NEWS.

Does Trump really want the responsibility of being President of the United States? I doubt it. He would really suck at it, and I think he knows that. Does he want the personal gratification of being elected? Absolutely. Does he have any plans for what he’d do with his presidency? I’m skeptical. Getting elected is important, being president is an unfortunate responsibility best left to flunkies and sycophants.

Trump will say anything to get elected. Is he racist? Who knows? But by saying racist things he gets automatic coverage. Coverage that other candidates pay for. He will say ANYTHING if it gets him on the six o’clock news. Any meme on Facebook with his face is a win for him. And now I’m saying his name too.

Trump is a liar, a skunk, and a bully. It hurts me to even acknowledge him, but the time has come to make sure he does not succeed, and that requires speaking the name of the beast. He has drawn me into his cesspool, and now I will fight.

Not only must Trump lose, he has to humiliated. His vanity machine must be punished, or the next Trump will get even closer to the goal.

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