Suddenly so tiny
wrapped in blue
on the long sofa
an explosion asleep


15 thoughts on “Amy

  1. Nice literary pun, that. You get the read wine and the unread wine. Whether it’s been read or not depends on the literacy level of the host.

  2. Got plenty of wine at Five O’Clock Somewhere. Got some in Albuquerque. We got the read wine, the write wine, whatever.

  3. I fear our paths may never cross, but oh how I would love to share a bottle of read wine with sister Carol Ann. We share a hair color, and an appreciation for the finer aspects of a brother…or whatever term Jerry wants to apply to our friendship.

  4. Melinda, you ought to make plans to get out here. We happen to have a nice stock at the moment of a particularly good Mer-Low from a winery in Engle (That’s near Elephant Butte Lake, a sea that’s low at the moment).

  5. Good to know. I’m terrifically disappointed that our schedules didn’t work out better. I was in Durango (actually just outside Bayfield) at the hippie reservation (grandma’s house) just before you went out there. I probably would have spoiled the writing mood, but Gram and her huh, hum, garden might have improved it. You have to promise that if you are heading their direction, you will let me know. You will most certainly have a place to stay. No broadband though… You don’t need it there… Gram would probably bake you some of her special cookies. They have read wine aplenty. And ping pong tournaments.

  6. Melinda,

    Where “just outside Bayfield”? My grandparents lived in Forest Lakes for about 25 years. No special garden herbs though.

  7. Well, Aunt Beth and Uncle Bill live right at mile marker 116 on 160. Gram Harriet lives off a little dirt road going just north of Bayfield. Right now everyone is going crazy trying to get them to stop drilling the HD mountains for gas. In fact, they have a frilling crew set up just across the road from Gram’s house.

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