Have Dogs, Will Travel

Location: Triska’s and Casey’s house
Miles: 9267.0

I’ve picked up the pups for a trial run in New Mexico. This won’t be a wandering time—It’s to be a straight shot through Arizona to New Mexico. We’ll see if the dogs can fine a place to call home there. If nothing works out I’ll bring them back when I come back for the rest of my luggage. That’s going to be a lot of extra time behind the wheel, but with the pups keeping me company It’ll be cool.

Of course, the real reason I’m criss-crossing the southwest is so I can get green chile cheeseburgers at all the important places.

6 thoughts on “Have Dogs, Will Travel

  1. Allright! Back on the Move! I’ve done the best I can to stuff the box for the beer breakfast…seems the burrito is still winning. Perhaps you can have a beer with the burrito.

  2. Well, the cats have recovered from the pups’ whirlwind visit to Albuquerque. Tres, unfortunately, doesn’t always think things through clearly, and went to his usual low-down hidey-holes, not realizing that where an 8 1/2 pound cat (even if skinny enough that the vet keeps saying he should gain a pound or too) can go, so can a 3 pound dog. Hey, those hidey-holes have always worked before — whenever a stranger shows up, Tres vanishes, and we typically see very little of him until the stranger leaves.

    Dulce, the smartest cat I’ve ever known, went for the high places. Provided she wasn’t being forced face-to-face with the dogs, she treated them as just an annoyance to be ignored.

    On green chile cheeseburgers: Jer’s now had one at Monroe’s and possibly one wherever he ended up eating this evening (maybe Viola’s Violent Vittles?). I know he has the Owl Bar in San Antonio (New Mexico, just south of Socorro) on his list. If he really wants to do a Green Chile Cheeseburger Tour, he’s going to need guidance.

  3. Jer Jer,

    Hope everything is going fine…. Thanks for putting up with my airplane fears which by the way this trip didn’t help any fours hours of turmulance and one bottle of wine later (yes I drank the airplane dry) my stomach is still yucky…Family is fine, house still standing, all is good

    love ya


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