Things I Learned Today

Green screen! Once you have lights and a background stand, the next step is inevitable.

  • No wrinkles in the green screen!
  • Light the green screen evenly, but don’t obsess over it.
  • Hair must be glued down
  • If Photoshop annoys you, you should try GIMP. Photoshop will seem a lot better after that.
  • As you can tell from the following image, you really should know what background you’re going to put your talent into before you shoot. Otherwise you get Utahraptors with hard light hitting from above, and a victim lit softly from the side.

Jerry with Utahraptors

Are they about to kill me, or are they just admiring my shirt?


8 thoughts on “Things I Learned Today

  1. About to kill you for the shirt? Are you making “air quotes” with your fingers? Yeah “admiring” your shirt.

    BTW: WTF with that shirt?

    • That’s my dogs playing poker shirt, complete with a hoochie poodle serving drinks. It’s kind of hard to make out after shrinking me down to fit in the photo, but that shirt marks the pinnacle of sartorial achievement ever produced by mankind.

    • Actually still waiting for permission to use the backgrounds we shot to. If that doesn’t happen, the editing becomes moot, except perhaps as practice.

  2. If you fuss more over lighting the green screen, you don’t have to worry so much about keeping the hair glued down. Well, that a a couple years of experience in keying the green (probably more in GIMP).

    • I should have made it clear that for still photos, you don’t need to fuss so much to get the green screen lit correctly. Some hair, however, just doesn’t play well even with the most even of lighting. Harlean’s Fictitious Red Locks fall into that category.

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