Why would a dude wear shoes like that?

White leather, elaborately carved, with long toes. Elf-toes. The shoes stretch out so far beyond his feet it’s silly. Naturally as he walks in this goofy footwear they have started to curl up at the toes.

My czech is not that good, but I’m pretty sure I just heard the dude say he represented the lollipop guild.

3 thoughts on “Why would a dude wear shoes like that?

  1. That particular fashion statement dates back to the 14th century. Those of the upper classes adopted such apparently silly things as ridiculously long and pointed, curling-up-at-the-toes shoes to show off how idle they were.

    The sheer wastefulness of 14th-century conspicuous consumption makes anything in the 21st century look frugal by comparison. The knights and lesser nobles, in particular, engaged in a competition of hosting gigantic feasts, wearing the most opulent clothes, putting on the most majestic spectacles of entertainment — and whenever they ran out of money, exacting more tribute from the peasants.

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