Jers Novel Writer is a hit!

I just looked and discovered that 650 people have downloaded the most recent version of Jer’s Novel Writer. I imagine that of those people only a tiny fraction will end up using it, but still, that’s a lot of downloads considering I’ve done almost nothing to tell anyone about it. I’m especially popular in Sweden. It seems that someone mentioned it in a MacWorld forum in swedish. I can’t read the comment, but it must have been good.

There’s a new version coming out in a day or two with some really sweet (if I do say so myself) upgrades to the margin notes.

If you’re curious, you can check it out at the hut.

5 thoughts on “Jers Novel Writer is a hit!

  1. OK, this may be veering a bit off the topic, but it IS about Macs and the people who love them.

    This weekend, we participated in a Rio Grande Sailing Club get-together, and of the seven boats participating, six were MacGregors. The key event at this get-together was the de-naming and renaming of one of the Macs (a boat that has never had a name before is christened; one that already has a name is de-named and renamed). The new name for John & Susie’s new boat is Mac Goddess.

    This name is not only about the boat being a Mac; it is also about Susie being a Macintosh computer technical service person for 14 years. John and Susie met when his computer broke and she came to fix it. As befitting sych a boat, for Susie’s birthday, John got an ipod and programmed all of her favorite music into it (lots of Jimmy Buffett), and connected the ipod to the boat’s stereo system.

    The de-naming and renaming, BTW, required quite a lot of champagne, and some red wine as well, some of which ends up in the water, but much of which ends up inside the participants in the ceremony. And it is important to have a virgin to stand on the bow and pour out some of the libations.

  2. You may not know it, but the Pirates of White Sand were recently proven to have used sych boats as well. As Bob well knows, they kept away the shrieking eels.

  3. Well … John and Susie are from Carlsbad, and when they bring their Mac to the lake, they go via Alamogordo and White Sands. AND they have a parrot that perches on the boom when they’re not sailing. Arrr…

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