The What Now?

Range Rover has introduced a new version of their suburban assault vehicle, a massive beast that will get the kids to soccer practice on time at the cost of $100 per quickly-depleted tankful: the Range Rover Sport. I’m pretty sure they didn’t intend irony when they gave it that moniker, but I have to believe the marketing team that blessed one of the least-sporty vehicles on the road today with that appellation must have had a good laugh when all was said and done.

And… it will work.

4 thoughts on “The What Now?

  1. Like the person with all the money to buy a mcmansion but lacks the common sense to not buy the one with backyard next to a major highway, I wonder if these irrational richies who buy range rovers ever heard of consumer reports – the mag that regularly skewers the quality, fit and finish, and visits to the repair shop of land rovers.

    (As I reread my sentence ^^^ I see that I am a grammatical doofus and have essentially said that *I* am the irrational idiot who buys mcmansions and rovers. Le me try again….)

    I think a surprising number of people with money have a surprising lack of sense. They buy Land Rovers even though rovers are regularly lambasted in Consumer Reports, and they buy McMansions in awful, high traffic locations.

    • I think some of this might be related to the saying “If you have to ask what the price is, you can’t afford it.” The exorbitant cost of repairing and maintaining such vehicles is part of the conspicuous consumption associated with having them.

      Besides, Consumer Reports is for proles.

  2. Wait til you see what they have planned – an all-electric SUV. The current working title is the Limited Range Rover.

    /veal, waitresses, all week

    //CR is for skin-flints that can’t be bothered to do their own research.

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