Sweat Cheese Filled Crepes

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  1. Just today, here in New Mexico:

    A tourist guide to historic buildings in Socorro: The Hammond Brewery, which produced authentic Illinois Beef until prohibition, when it switched to bottling soft drinks.

    In the Albuquerque Health Department reports on restaurants and other food-producing facilities: earning an approved rating with fewer than two non-critical violations, the Beer Canyon Senior Center.

    Also in the Health Department report in the same category: the Mousse Lodge number something or other.

    Aside from offending various members of the wildlife community, I kind of like the idea of brew and dessert as community services.

  2. I have received another message from the almighty Google Ads. This god is a jokester, he is a mischief maker, I tell you! I was reading an article on artifact looters in Virginia. “relic hunters” who dig for civil war relics, indian artifacts, and revolutionary war relics; undercover of darkness, they poach archaelogical history from private property, and public lands. Google Ads directed me to websites that sell these very same, ill-gotten gains. What is the message? If it’s bad for society, do it? Ahhh, Google Ads, you are a mystery. The great god of antisocial-ness.

  3. We had a restuarant here that had “Veprove a la Babicka.” They translated it as “Pork after my Granny.” Don’t know if she got away or not…

  4. You know Munzy would never let any pigs get the better of her. More likely the dish would be “My Granny after pork”!

  5. belladonna, nightshade,

    and hemlock three

    wouldn’t you like to brew-up

    a nice cup of tea?

    one for the tax man

    and one for the landlord

    and one for the ex-love

    who gave us their word

    Okay, the above is inspired by the fact that I have a new baby, with attendant baby gifts, including “favorite, traditional nursery rhymes.” I am appalled by how many whippings, beatings and starvings our ancestors in the english language chose to view as suitable for lulling children to sleep. It’s a wonder our ancestors have any descendants.

  6. Oh, man, that jimson weed. Gotta be one of the most beautiful flowers ever, but oh so nasty. Makes meth look like Kool-Aid.

    And heaven help anyone who was ever so unfortunate as to be in the neighborhood of longhorns eating it. Yikes!

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