Programming Note

My Web host has informed me that some services will be down Saturday night PST. I do not know if your blog-reading experience will be affected during that time.

12 thoughts on “Programming Note

  1. oh its so nice to be able to write comments again! who’s says ill get more work done at work if they block off certain websites! it just makes the donut hunt more adventurous! So hi to everyone!

  2. Problem is messed-up header similar to what’s been reported before, except that this time it isn’t fixed by reloading the page. Of course, as soon as I file this report, everything will return to normal.

  3. Things are freaking out … got error message:

    Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/haloscan/public_html/functions.php on line 172

    Invalid user

    Wondering if SQL means squirrels.

  4. Haloscan seems to be having trouble right now. I moved the explanatory link to the left side, below the logo. If that’s not where it’s appearing for you, try emptying your cache. It could be that there are cached versions of the old style sheet lounging around in server caches as well, which will eventually expire. (I’m looking into putting the style sheets on a server that give me control of the http headers, so I can prevent them from being cached.)

  5. two things

    1. blog explained is in middle of page, ontop of “it’s phrases…”

    2. banner and sqrl alert position is random, every reload, new position.

  6. Anonymous – what browser are you using? There’s nothing special about the code for the squirrel alert code at all. The “blog explained” does depend on the browser knowing CSS. I’m not sure what you mean by banner being in a different position – it’s not at the top?

    Does the squirrel alert appear outside the sidebar?

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