Obvious in Retrospect

There’s a show coming out on ABC, the title of which escapes me even though I saw an ad for it less than a minute ago. Here was the pitch to the network executives: “It’s M*A*S*H, in Iraq, only patriotic.”

That phrase, right there, with maybe a dash of crime drama, would have got you a $50 million budget (if you could tell the right person). But you didn’t think of it. Alas, neither did I.


3 thoughts on “Obvious in Retrospect

  1. REflecting on the differences between what my 30-second introduction to the new show and my memories of M*A*S*H, I have to conclude that neither show would succeed in the other show’s era. This either makes Hollywood a bunch of pussies or pragmatic.

    If the new show turns out to be CSI:Baghdad, well, anything I said about Hollywood above I take back, while I think of worse insults.

  2. Yep, thought the same thing: dusting off M*A*S*H and putting it in Afghanistan. In addition to being Patriotic, you can also bet on a lot more sex. And a whole lot fewer laughs.

    • Ah, the sound was off in the bar – I don’t know why I assumed Iraq. More sex seems certain, as does more doctors caught in the middle of shootouts.

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