New Album Out!

I haven’t seen the cover for the Foo Fighters’ new album, but if the song I heard today is any indication, it’s pretty easy to imagine what it looks like. Here is my humble rendition:

The cover to the newest Foo Fighters album


5 thoughts on “New Album Out!

  1. Did you ever get caught cutting paper with your mother’s sewing scissors? I never understood how scissors beat paper, considering how much trouble I got in for that infraction.

    Following Rock’s death, a cold war ensues. Paper says to scissors, “We will dull you.”

    • For the record, scissors also beat waffles, as I found out long ago from a woman who came into the fabric store where I was working to replace her suddenly inexplicably dull sewing scissors. Inexplicably, that is, until one of her two young sons said “You mean the ones with the orange handles? Oh yeah, we were using those…”

      But I’m pretty sure waffles beat paper.

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