Divided Loyalty

I don’t follow baseball religiously, or even regularly. My team is the San Diego Padres, who have sucked pretty bad for a few years, and really raised the bar on sucking this year. I’m comfortable with that. Someday they’ll be good again.

Lately, I’ve started following, now and then, another team. It’s in the American League (also known as the Softball League), so the Padres might be able to forgive me.

The Oakland Athletics just swept the Yankees in a four-game series, and are continuing to beat up the American League East. The A’s also have the lowest payroll in baseball. As a fully-conditioned American, that appeals to me. It makes me think of adjectives like “scrappy” and “selfless” — whether or not those actually apply. Plus they have a guy named Coco Crisp. You gotta like that. (He’s not a power hitter, but he hit two home runs today.)

Do they have a shot at postseason glory? Honestly, probably not. But then again, they sweep the Yankees again in October and Moneyball II will hit the theaters in January.


2 thoughts on “Divided Loyalty

  1. Only pro baseball game I have ever been too was the A’s opener back in 92 or so. Good game, they pulled it out in the 7th with a Grand Slam homer. I mostly remember the old lady in the bleachers in front of us rocking back and forth saying quietly to herself over and over again, “Go Ricky…Go A’s.” All in all, a good afternoon for Baseball.

  2. Brad has become an Angels fan since going to school in Orange CA two years ago. He attends upwards of 20 games a year as the stadium is only a couple of miles from his school.

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