Metaphor Wanted

The other day I was sitting on a wide porch in Kansas, letting the heat soak into my aging joints. As I watched, a big flying critter of a type I’d seen before, pushing two inches long and bulky, with a striped, tapering abdomen, came flying up at maximum speed.

It smashed right into the side of the building with an audible whack, turned around, and flew back the way it had come, vanishing in the distance.

Apparently it had accomplished what it came here to do.

3 thoughts on “Metaphor Wanted

  1. Wasn’t that a Paul Simon song?

    He flew a long way
    to see if Kansas remained
    he flew into a wall and turned around and then flew back the way he came

    Too early. Too bad I don’t like coffee.

  2. I knew a bird…
    She flew from strife.
    She thought that Kansas was a place she could restart her life.
    She flew for weeks, fast as she could strain,
    She banged her head against a wall and then she turned around and flew on home again.

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