Location: Callahan’s, San Diego
Miles: ????

I’m back in town now. San Diego, California. My first stop was to play with the dogs. I love those goofy guys. One of my favorite times back in the day was crashing out on the couch and being buried in doggy love. It’s the most honest love there is.

I passed by my former home to pick up what I knew was a large volume of mail, but no one was there.

Now I’m back to where I once belonged.

10 thoughts on “Callahan’s

  1. BV, tomorrow is cheap-ass beef night at Tiki.

    Oh, wait. Poop. That’s tonight. I’m off by a day – I thought today was cheap-ass beer night at Callahan’s. That was yesterday. That’s the downside of losing all track of time – you miss the beer specials.

    I expect I’ll have the Irish Stew tomorrow afternoon, before Wing Night gets too crazy.

  2. Hmm… cheap-ass beef night does sound appealing, but of course I meant beer. If I do find a place with cheap-ass beef night I’ll be sure to let everyone (especially Pat) know.

  3. Actually, that’s Los Arcos in Truth or Consequences — from 5 to 7 p.m. they have Happy Hour specials, such as prime rib and filet mignon for half price, or about $10 instead of the usual $20. Actually, the meat is carnivore heaven and truly worth that $20, so even if you miss Happy Hour, Los Arcos is worth it.

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